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Put it on last when dressing

Store jewelry carefully to avoid tangles and scratches

Take your ring off before showering


Let jewelry come into contact with perfume, lotion, hairspray or cosmetics

Use abrasive cleaners or chemicals

What's my ring size?

Measure your finger and check out our size chart.

My jewel’s not sparkling like it used to, help?

Most jewels dull over time, but it’s usually just surface dirt that needs carefully brushing away very slowly with an old toothbrush and water. No one can dull your shine for long.

How to clean Kimai jewelry:

Mix a few drops of detergent-free soap with warm water

One at a time, soak your jewelry in the water

Use a very soft toothbrush to lightly clean each piece

Rinse carefully and not over the drain (yes we’ve lost pieces this way. It still hurts.)

Lightly dry your jewelry with a paper towel or lint-free cloth

What if my jewelry breaks?

Don’t panic – it happens sometimes. And we can help you get it fixed. Email us at and we’ll get you a fair quote quickly.

Where is Kimai jewelry made?

All our jewels are made in Antwerp, Belgium, by skilled artisans.


Your diamonds


Give it to me straight – are these real diamonds?

They are. Kimai diamonds are identical in chemical composition to mined diamonds, only they’re made using solar energy in a lab. All that’s different is the impact our diamonds have socially and ecologically – which is significantly less.

How are Kimai diamonds made?

Visit our diamonds page to learn about the process.

What carat gold do you use in your jewelry?

18k gold. Always.

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